Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a wonderful way to improve the overall appearance of sun damaged and aging skin through deep exfoliation. At Texas Vein and Cosmetic Specialists, we have the SkinMedica line of peels to offer each patient the depth of peel that they need. SkinMedica Peels are formulated for use by a physician or trained skin care professional under the supervision of a physician.

Our mildest peel is the Illuminize Peel. It’s non-invasive, and it works well on any skin type. As a superficial treatment, it can brighten and tighten your skin’s natural glow for a special event or a more youthful look. You’ll also experience improved skin clarity, texture, and color. Because it’s so gentle, there’s hardly any visible peeling, and it’s a great option for first-time chemical peel patients.

The medium-level peel, the Vitalize Peel, is our most popular. It’s also well-suited for any skin type, and it targets mild to moderate skin conditions such as fine lines or wrinkles, sun damage, melasma (skin discoloration due to sun exposure), and acne with scarring. The peel can even be customized according to the condition being treated. As a non-damaging peel, it causes minimal or no burning and its pH level are more easily tolerated than that of most other chemical peels. You’ll undergo mild to moderate peeling a couple of days after the peel, which resolves within three days.

Our deepest chemical peels are the Rejuvenize Peels, which address moderate to severe skin conditions including acne scarring, sun damage, melasma, and fine lines and wrinkles. The formula includes an anti-irritant and a penetration enhancer for controlled exfoliation of the top skin layers with the most damage. A new surfactant provides uniform peeling while minimizing skin irritation. You’ll experience moderate peeling a couple of days after the treatment, which may last for five days.

All of our chemical peels offer visible improvement after only one treatment. However, for the Vitalize and Rejuvenize Peels, the best results are obtained by combining a series of three to six treatments with a quality skin care regimen.