Anti-Aging Medicine

The effects of aging on our skin and body are inevitable as stress, sun damage, time and other factors gradually take their toll. Our skin begins to droop, sag and wrinkle, we gain weight and lose muscle mass, and suffer from a loss of energy, fatigue, anxiety and irritability. While not everyone is bothered by these symptoms, some patients are frustrated with these changes and seek treatments to help them return to a more youthful state of mind. Treatment can also be used by younger patients seeking to prevent these changes from occurring in the first place.

Dr. Bardwil and his staff provide effective anti-aging care to help patients rejuvenate the way they look and feel within his comprehensive Age Well Center. Through unique treatment programs customized for each individual patient, Dr. Bardwil can help patients revitalize their youthful spirit and further prevent the signs of aging from affecting their everyday lives.

Many patients choose to combine their anti-aging treatments with cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion, laser rejuvenation and other procedures so that they can quickly achieve a younger look that reflects the renewed sense of energy you will soon feel. These procedures are often effective in helping patients achieve their desired results. 

Anti-aging cares is often effective in helping patients’ look and feel better about themselves, and enjoy a renewed sense of energy despite their age. Patients no longer have to suffer with the symptoms of aging and can continue to lead an active and happy life, including continuing to participate in their favorite activities. The treatments provided by Dr. Bardwil are completely natural and are therefore considered safe with only a minimal risk of side effects. Synthetic hormones and other treatments often produce unpleasant side effects and are mass-produced, instead of customized to fit each patient’s individual needs. 

In order to develop an effective approach to aging, Dr. Bardwil will perform a series of diagnostic tests in order to detect any deficiencies within the blood, hormones, saliva, urine and hair. This comprehensive testing allows Dr. Bardwil to create a fully customized treatment approach for each individual patient.

SpectraCell Laboratories: micronutrient panel, lipoprotein particle profile, telomere testing aspirin response test 

Genova Diagnostics: estrogen metabolism (urine) profiles 

ZRT Laboratories: saliva and blood spot testing (hormone profiles, thyroid) 

NeuroScience: neurotransmitter profiles

DoctorsChoice: conventional blood work/lab testing through Quest Diagnostics 

Metametrix: detoxification capacity test, estronex 2/16 estrogen ratio, GI effects stool function profile, microbial ecology test, fatty acid profile, porphyrins urine profile 

Nutrition is one of the most valuable ways to maintain energy and continue to lead an active and healthy life free of diseases. Dr. Bardwil creates a customized nutrition plan for each patient based on a thorough evaluation of their dietary needs and personal preferences. A balanced diet rich in valuable nutrients provides patients with a valuable natural energy source that can help them feel their best, while also reducing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and other serious conditions. 

Bioidentical hormones are manufactured in a lab to have the identical molecular structure to the hormones made by the patient’s own body. Available in many different forms, including pills, injections, suppositories and creams, these hormones are often composed of estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and others. They have been used successfully for over 20 years, allowing men and women alike to enjoy the later years of their life without the troubling symptoms of aging. Hormone therapy is often effective in enhancing a patient’s energy level, libido, memory and immunity to their previous levels. In addition to hormone therapy, Dr. Bardwil also provides patients with premium supplements and chelated vitamins through Ortho Molecular Products and Designs For Health to further enhance results.

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