Obagi Medical Products is a line of beauty products designed to enhance the appearance of the skin. These products penetrate into deeper layers of skin, producing enhanced results that cannot be obtained with traditional products. Obagi offers skin products for people of all ages. Their motto is “Obagi For Life”. As a worldwide leader in skin care products, they have a reputation for delivering the highest quality goods to treat even the most severe skin conditions. The line began in 1988 when leading skin care professionals helped to develop the Nu-Derm system. This system was designed to remove several signs of aging including wrinkles, discoloration, and age spots. It was also effective at improving skin elasticity and overall complexion. Nu-Derm continues to be offered today, along with numerous other products that help patients have better and younger-looking skin. Some of the products offered by Obagi can help with a variety of skin conditions including:

Some products are ideal for use on the chest and neck, while others are designed to be used when having cosmetic surgery. No matter an individual’s skin care needs, Obagi has the right product. Since the products offered by Obagi contain prescription-strength ingredients, they are only available through licensed distributors. These distributors are primarily dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons who treat skin disorders or perform anti-aging regimens. Although several online retailers claim to offer these products, they are not authorized to distribute them, so the quality of products purchased via the Internet cannot be guaranteed.

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