Radiesse replenishes the volume of skin lost through aging. It is more than just injectable filler, however. Radiesse stimulates the production of the body’s own natural collagen, which sustains the volumizing effects. Although it is synthetic filler, it closely mimics the body’s own structure of bone minerals. Radiesse is composed of microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite within a water-based gel. It is effective in reducing moderate to severe wrinkles, and creases and folds of the skin. Most often, it is injected in the areas around the nose and mouth, to reduce smile lines on the side of the face, and the deep creases called nasolabial folds, but more commonly known as laugh lines. Radiesse also works well with marionette lines, the long vertical lines along the chin that can create a grim or angry countenance.

Since Radiesse also stimulates the body’s natural collagen, the treatment effects last much longer, up to a year in most patients. Continued injections have a cumulative impact and patients will require fewer injections over time to achieve the same effect.

Those who desire a more rested and youthful appearance, free from visible signs of aging, may prefer not to do this through surgical methods. Injectable fillers like Radiesse are the perfect solution. Radiesse reduces facial lines and wrinkles easily, quickly and without surgery. Radiesse is a safe and simple way to quickly attain a more attractive facial appearance that will last for many months.