Juvaderm XC

Juvederm is gel-like facial filler made of natural hyaluronic acid that helps to reduce wrinkles and soften folds on your face. Hyaluronic acid can efficiently absorb water, and when injected under the surface of the skin, it will add volume and help tighten sagging skin. The treatment helps temporarily reduce the signs of aging safely and effectively, resulting a natural-looking outcome.

Juvederm Procedure
Juvederm treatment is done by injecting the hyaluronic acid filler under your skin. The injection is usually fairly painless. However, sometimes topical or injectable anesthesia is used before the treatment; to help reduce discomfort that could otherwise result from the injection. The injections are administered to certain strategic places on your face where they are most needed. The entire procedure is fast and typically takes only about 15 minutes to perform. Results from Juvederm treatment are visible immediately, and usually last between four to six months, and sometimes even up to a year.

Benefits of Juvederm
Juvederm treatment is most beneficial to:

Juvederm Recovery
Recovery from Juvederm treatment is usually fast with minimal complications. Swelling and redness at the injection sites is a common side-effect, which usually subsides within 48 hours. Sometimes mild bruising can occur. Avoid taking aspirin before the procedure to help reduce the risk of bruising. After the treatment, you should avoid the sun, heat exposure and strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours to help speed up the recovery.